Kristi Lopez is a fiercely driven mixed martial artist (MMA) fighter, Aspiring Actress, film maker, stuntwoman RN, girly tomboy, Reiki healer, hopeless romantic, gypsy, brown pot-bellied heathen, adventure extraordinaire and is in mad mad crazy love with life and the journey. 

Kristi began in the sport of MMA 4 years ago on the island of Puerto Rico. Kristi was attending college there and began training at a local gym. While there having the adventure of her life, discovering her family roots, she also found her passion of MMA. Kristi states

 “i love MMA, i love everything about it especially the journey, there is nothing that compares to stepping into the cage and winning that fight. I really feel that if you never step out of your comfort zone then you are not accomplishing all that you could. Safety and comfort can inhibit your dreams and your ability to achieve them. Everyday is an adventure and i am living my dreams as i reach for them. Over time most people become influenced by society and culture to be, and behave a certain way. Forget all that and work against all of it and find out who you really are, who you want to be, love and work towards it like a madwoman or madman regardless of what anyone else thinks. One of the greatest freedoms you can have in life is to not care what anyone thinks about you. Fighting for me is as real as it gets. i have a savage side to me and i love to unleash it when I fight. Fighting between two trained warriors agreeing to do battle is honorable, raw, honest and visceral.  I come from a family of warriors, my dad, my brothers, my whole family; we are all fighters, heroes and warriors.


Kristi was born in Lancaster, CA and was a natural athlete. From the age of 9 years old she was training and competing in swimming. Kristi earned a waterpolo scholarship to Cal State Monterey Bay where she graduated with a B.A. in Teledramatic Arts and Technology. It was after her first B.A. that Kristi decided to go back again to school in Puerto Rico for nursing. Kristi was a ocean lifeguard and had been lifeguarding since the age of 16 and lifeguarded all throughout college. During her ocean lifeguarding years Kristi gained many certifications and accomplishments such as scuba certification, EMT certification, code three driver certified, personal water craft operator and many other aquatic and medical skills all while providing medical care, saving and rescuing lives throughout the many years she patrolled the beaches. She also taught kids of all ages, water skills and safety during the summer JR. lifeguard programs. Always one to continue to constantly be seeking knowledge and tackling new challenges, Kristi came back to California with a B.S. in Nursing, passed her board exams and began working as a RN in a clinic.

Kristi believes most of her skill from MMA besides the hard work and hours of training everyday, comes from growing up with 3 brothers , a cousin that lived with them and her father’s advice and wisdom. It was 4 boys and Kristi in the house growing up and she states “They taught me how to play wrestle, fight and be tough. During one beat down they were like “Someday you will thank us for this, we are making you tough;” and i do!

We used to have royal rumbles on the trampoline all the time and it was awesome.”. Kristi counts her family as  the biggest inspiration in her life. “I don’t know where i would be without them. I know I am the luckiest girl in the world to have the parents that i have, my brothers and my family. My dad is the hardest working most honorable man i know and it is from him that i learned my work ethic. I learned from my mom and my brothers what it means to be a family and have each other’s backs above everything else, no matter what. My family is always there for me and in this world, that is invaluable.”. Kristi’s inspirational younger brother, Evan is a recording artist, boxer, and has helped Kristi get ready for many of her fights.  Kristi’s dad, Rocky was a professional boxer growing up in Brooklyn New York and eventually going pro in boxing in California after he met and moved to California for Kristi’s mom. Kristi’s older brother Matthew was also a boxer and now a hero with two medal of valors for protecting and saving lives and a constant source of inspiration and strength for Kristi.
Kristi is excited about the future and to continue fighting MMA and riding the journey until the wheels fall off! She is also looking forward to being able to motivate and help young girls, woman and people of all ages to follow their dreams and realize that you can do anything you want in this world, to think outside the constraints of society and always be reaching for a dream.

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. This is the most inspirational “About” page I have ever read. Thank you for these words, especially:

    “I really feel that if you never step out of your comfort zone then you are not accomplishing all that you could. Safety and comfort can inhibit your dreams and your ability to achieve them.”

    That’s exactly what I needed to hear right now.

    Go Kristi !!!


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