Hanging with the girls! Real Girl Power.

After a crazy week of the show coming out and trying to fit everything I was lucky enough to be able to go to Monterey and have a reunion with some of my besties. I have a core set of girlfriends from college called the “stache” crew. It includes my best friend of 13 years Alex also known as brown bear. 998443_10151607289077406_1401879523_n     Me and Alex moved to Monterey together to play water polo and that is where we met the rest of the stache crew. The crew became the stache crew because every time before we would go out or do anything we would draw mustaches on our index finger.319123_10150339138072406_242359666_n


If someone was bothering us or we needed each other we would just throw up the stache and the crew would come running to the rescue!  10931484_745843881560_4522276561291753494_nWe spent almost every single day together for 4 years.555079_10150976613507406_1608736462_n At one point Me, Alex, Jenny and Sami all lived together and Maura lived next door and Jay lived one street over. Me and Alex would occasionally pretend to be from New York and yell in a Brooklyn accent from our kitchen window to Maura in her apartment. We knew we were having fun at the time but we didn’t know how much fun until ye1975035_10152037690192406_1439032096_nars later and now we fondly reminisce about those times as the #glorydays. A couple of the staches are now married and one has a daughter.549627_10150976612142406_578336490_n

A couple live in different states but every time we get together it is like nothing has changed. In a world where a lot of women tear each other down it is good to create bonds with girls and friends that will last a lifetime.

Some keys to the reason we have all remained friends and i think some good guidelines as women and friendships are as follows.

  • Don’t be jealous. I hate to see women disrespect each other down because of jealousy. It’s an ugly trait and is a reflection on you. If you want something someone has, use it to motivate you in a positive way, work for it and set your own goals.
  • Talk about goals, encourage, motivate and support each others dreams no matter what.
  • Be there for each other for life stuff, weddings, tragedies, babies, breakups, deaths, illness and support each other always!
  • Boy or relationship talk… duh!! That’s the best part and no one will support you and give you advice like your girls.
  • Be honest. You can be gentle and think about the wording but be honest!
  • No judgement! Don’t judge each other and let’s be real if you have been friends for long enough you have probably all seen each other at your worst and witnessed a lot of baaaad decisions.
  • Realize the importance of your friendship and finding true friends and always honor that.
  • Don’t gossip or talk bad behind each other’s back. Everyone has tiffs and goes through times when they don’t get along but don’t let it ruin a life-long friendship and find a way to deal with it without bringing each other down, doing permanent damage and if need be apologize.
  • I think the most important thing is to bond! Talk about the old times, act like it’s the old times, and most important have fun, be silly and crazy! Some of the best times we’ve had were full of the silly mischievous stuff. EX; birthday skinny dipping in the freezing cold ocean, all night dancing, sleepovers, and road trips.

Always find happiness in your life and share it with those around you. True friends build each other up! In a world where a lot of women and people break each other down, cherish the true friends you have and always honor and respect that bond. You can do anything in this life but having girlfriends to help you along makes it easier and life so much more fun and interesting! Girl power! Stache crew for life! ❤ xoxo