Living Different

So it happened! My episode on Oxygen aired with my beautiful warrior women counterpart Alexis Morin. 

Check her out she is so cool and i believe we are soul sisters and almost the same person lol!! Ha ha! She is great and on a mission just like me to change, motivate and in10933876_10152645663222406_9117636166419218234_nspire. She is a make-up artist and professional football player! The episode follows a little of our journeys of family, life and being different! I feel honored to be able to have the life of a professional athlete, mma fighter and a part of the warrior women crew!

I hope that many find our stories inspiring and have the courage to live the lives they have always wanted. Aaaaand have fun with it! Sometimes life is more about the journey than the destination! Live, laugh, enjoy and fight 🙂 ❤

Kristi Lopez: Living Different – Los Angeles News | FOX 11 LA KTTV

Kristi Lopez: Living Different – Los Angeles News | FOX 11 LA KTTV.

1507187_10152637457442406_6879153173403608742_nWhen I got the message that I would be doing an interview for FOX 11 LA I was definitely nervous! I filmed a reality show with the Oxygen Network called Living Different. It shows a little overview of my life, family and one of my pro fights. The show is airing on Jan 13th at 6PM/PT. So as a buildup to the show I was asked to do a live interview. No one ever believes that I am shy! But I started thinking about my 3 beautiful nieces and how I want to be a role model for them and if I only had this one chance to have a message and maybe help and inspire someone this was one of my chances.

 I thought about what I wanted to say. I walked in there in my five inch heels with my beautiful mommas as my back up bursting with inspiration! 10806337_10152637512777406_8109262321474829453_n

I spoke from the heart. I hope to always inspire as many young women, women of all ages and anyone to believe in themselves. And that it is always ok to be scared or nervous but that what you do after you are scared is what matters. That is true courage! You can be whatever you want in this life! You can be girly and a fighter! You can be a super hero mom and a badass business woman. You are not defined by society, culture or any situation. Be whatever and whoever you want and enjoy the journey to get there! Always fight for what you love even if its with tears in your eyes fight for your dreams, family and loved ones. Hope you enjoy the interview!